I brought Jack on board as part of my team in preparation for my fight against Chris Kongo. It proved to be one of the best decisions I have made in my boxing career. I used to struggle with making weight & it’s got harder as my career as progressed. Since working with Jack I’ve made weight the easiest I have ever done before & I refuelled after the weigh in properly by following a mapped out strategy which helped me to perform at my best in the ring. I have learnt so much from Jack, not only is he an incredibly intelligent guy, he is passionate about what he does & he has become an integral member of my support team.

Michael McKinson

I don’t have the words to describe how good Jack’s work is. From planning my fight camp nutrition, conducting metabolic testing to assessing my individual requirements, educating me about which supplements are safe to take & introducing me to other high class performance coaches. Jack has helped me reach new levels in my boxing career, I wish I had started working with him years ago.

Ricky Little

Professional flyweight Boxer

Since Jack has become part of my support team, I have seen a huge difference in my performances in training sessions & in the ring. Jack has helped me become a much more well rounded professional athlete, from sending me to get body composition analysis done to mapping out what I need to eat on a daily basis, all the way through to helping me make weight safely. Jack takes all the unwanted stress away & I truthfully don’t know how I was getting by without him in the early stages of my career.

jordan dujon

Professional welterweight BOXER

I used to engage in weight making methods which included starving & dehydrating myself during a training camp. Jack has shown me how to make weight safely without sacrificing my health or performance levels. In my last camp I lost 4kg of fat & retained all my muscle mass. I have never felt as fit or strong in my whole boxing career.


Professional welterweight BOXER

Working with Jack has completely opened my eyes about nutrition & changed the way I approach my diet in & out of fight camps. I now feel stronger & fitter during training sessions, my weight has come down & my muscle mass has increased which has led to my punches carry more snap & power. The level of detail Jack goes into is immense & I would recommend any fighters who are serious about performing at their best in & out of the ring to get in contact with him.

Liam Finlay

Professional Lightweight Boxer