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Performance Nutrition FightCamp Cookbook

Elevate your athletic performance with Jack Coak’s FightCamp Cookbook: Volume 1. The essential guide for anyone looking to enhance their boxing performance through nutrition. The FightCamp Cookbook features proven recipes, hand-crafted by renowned nutritionist Jack Coak:

  • Tailored recipes for boxers and athletes with proven results.
  • Everything is covered, including energising breakfasts, quick lunches, and recovery dinners.
  • Improve your training endurance, enhanced your immunity, and injury prevention.
  • Ideal for anyone seeking to combine fitness with nutritious and healthy eating.


Fuel Your FightCamp

Discover the secret to peak athletic performance with Jack Coak’s FightCamp Cookbook: Volume 1. This expertly crafted cookbook, penned by renowned nutritionist Jack Coak, is an indispensable guide for athletes, particularly boxers, looking to optimise their performance through nutrition.

Expert Guidance – Authored by Jack Coak, a leading performance nutritionist in the boxing field.

Recipe Variety – Includes Pre-Training Breakfasts, Quick Fuelling Lunches, and Recovery Time Dinners.

Performance Focused – Recipes designed to boost training endurance, enhance immunity, and prevent injuries.

Easy-to-Follow – Clear, straightforward instructions suitable for all cooking levels.

For Everyone – Ideal for professional athletes, amateurs, or fitness enthusiasts.

Transform your diet and enhance your athletic prowess with this essential nutrition guide! Whether you’re a professional boxer, an amateur, or a boxing enthusiast keen on adopting the dietary habits of elite athletes, this cookbook holds the key to your dietary success.


“As a professional boxer, nutrition is key to my performance. Jack Coak’s FightCamp Cookbook has revolutionised my meal prep. The Pre-Training Breakfasts are perfect for energy, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my endurance. A game changer!”

Alex M., Professional Boxer

“I’ve always struggled with finding the right balance in my diet. This cookbook made it easy with delicious, quick recipes. The Recovery Time Dinners have been amazing for post-workout recovery.”

Sarah J., Fitness Enthusiast

“Jack Coak’s guide has been a revelation for my training regime. The recipes are easy to follow and incredibly effective in boosting immunity and preventing injuries. I feel stronger and more prepared for my workouts than ever before.”

Mike L., Amateur Boxer