physiological testing

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Metabolic, Body Composition & VO2 Max testing provides accurate data regarding your individual physiology & metabolism including; how many calories your burn at rest each day, the fuel sources (carbohydrates & fats) you utilise at rest & at varying exercise intensities as well as your maximal aerobic fitness level, personalised heart rate training zones & how much body fat & lean mass you carry.

Regardless whether you are an elite level fighter, amateur boxer, endurance runner or fitness fanatic, data collected from testing can be used to implement bespoke training & nutrition strategies allowing you get the most out of each training session & maximise your performance.

Resting metabolic rate Test (rmr)

A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test determines the amount of energy (calories) you burn at complete rest. This shows you how much you need to eat per day based on your goals whether that be weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain allowing you to implement an effective nutrition strategy. RMR testing also identifies how much you rely on carbohydrates & fats to produce energy at rest (your metabolic efficiency).

If you are heavily reliant on carbohydrates for fuel at rest this can lead to unwanted muscle glycogen (fuel store) depletion, resulting in the early onset of fatigue during exercise. A poor metabolic efficiency is also a marker of poor health, however can be improved via the implementation of appropriate training & nutrition strategies which I will help you with.

vo2 max/fuel utilisation test

A VO2 max test is a maximal exercise test which measures your aerobic fitness levels (the size of your engine) by determining the maximal amount of oxygen you can utilise during maximal exercise. VO2 max is generally considered the gold standard metric for cardiovascular fitness & aerobic capacity.Testing also your fat/carbohydrate usage during exercise at different exercise intensities. 

Data gathered from testing identifies substrates utilised (carbohydrates & fats) during exercise &  allows us to pinpoint your own individual heart rate training zones, VO2 max & your aerobic/anaerobic thresholds. This helps establish the efficiency of your engine & data can be used to create individualised training & fuelling strategies allowing you to become a fitter, faster & more efficient athlete.

Body Composition Analysis

Gold standard body composition analysis using the BOD POD provides an accurate measure of your body’s core components including; Fat Mass, Visceral Fat, Fat Free Mass, Body Water & Overall Weight.

Body composition analysis allows us to plan bespoke training & nutrition interventions to maximise health & performance. Testing also helps inform weight making athletes which weight division they should be fighting in & how they can make weight as safely as possible.

Testing lasts 3-5 minutes & a full follow up pdf report is provided after testing detailing findings & how to make actionable changes to improve health & performance.

*All Testing Is Carried Out At Southampton Solent University In Their World Leading Physiology Lab*