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Metabolic testing using a portable PNOE breath analyser, provides highly accurate data regarding your unique physiology & metabolism, such as how many calories you require each day as well as what fuel sources you as an individual utilise at varying exercise intensities. Metabolic testing allows for the creation of individualised nutrition & training strategies tailored to you to help you perform at your best. Metabolic testing is suitable for all levels of athletes or individuals.

Resting metabolic rate Test (rmr)

A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test using indirect calorimetry helps accurately assess the amount of energy (calories) you as an individual athlete burn at complete rest helping to determine daily calorie targets. Testing also identifies how much you rely on carbohydrates & fats as a fuel source to produce energy at rest, this is called your metabolic efficiency.

If you are heavily reliant on carbohydrates for fuel at rest this can lead to unncesscary muscle glycogen (fuel store) depletion which can have implications on exercise performance. From testing we can identify your metabolic efficiency & see where we can adjust your training & nutrition to improve this.

vo2 max/fuel utilisation test

A VO2 max test is an maximal exercise test which measures your aerobic fitness levels (the size of your engine) & your fat/carbohydrate usage during exercise at different exercise intensities. 

Data gathered allows us to pinpoint your heart rate training zones, VO2 max & your aerobic/anaerobic thresholds. This helps establish the efficiency of your engine & can be used to create individualised fuelling strategies during exercise. 

The results from testing can be utilised to plan appropriate training & nutrition strategies to help you become a fitter, faster & more efficient athlete.

Follow Up report & debrief

After testing  you’ll receive a PDF report (2-3 days later) which will include a breakdown of your results, including: personalised calorie targets, cardiovascular fitness score, fat burning efficiency, maximal fat oxidation, heart rate training zones & threshold values. 

Alongside your report your will receive a short 1-1 zoom call with me to talk through your results which also provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your data set.

Metabolic Testing pricing

RMR Test


  • RMR Test
  • Follow Up Consultation
  • PDF Analysis Report

vo2 max Test


  • VO2  & Fat Max Test 
  • Personlaised HR Zones
  • Follow Up Consultation
  • PDF Analysis Report



  • RMR Test
  • VO2& Fat Max Test
  • Personalised HR Zones
  • Follow Up Consultation
  • PDF Analysis Report

*Please note that for clients based some distance from Southampton, a travel fee will be charged accordingly. This will be discussed in further detail at the time of booking where applicable.*