fight camp nutrition

fight camp nutrition

  • Initial 60 Minute Consultation (In Person Or Video)
  • Personalised Fight Camp Nutrition Strategy 
  • Bespoke Supplement & Hydration Plan
  • Weekly Check In Calls & Daily WhatsApp Support
  • Fight Week Weight Reduction Nutrition Strategy
  • Post Weigh In Refuel & Rehydration Strategy
  • Supplement & Meal Prep Organisation*
  • Metabolic, Body Composition & Bloods Analysis*

*Signify Add Ons Which Will Be Charged Accordingly*

bespoke nutrition support for elite fighters

In professional fights there are such small margins between winning & losing, every 1% advantage a fighter can get over their opponent can make a huge difference. Having a bespoke nutrition strategy in place during a training camp & in fight week can help a fighter make weight safely, refuel & rehydrate optimally, stay injury & illness free & give them the extra edge they need to help tip the scales in their favour under the lights on fight night.

Following an initial in depth consultation we will implement a four phase model to get you in the best condition possible, allowing you to perform at your best on fight night. 

Phase 1 – Body Composition & Metabolic Testing To Uncover Your Physiology & Determine Your Optimal Weight Class

Phase 2 – Bespoke Fight Camp Nutrition & Supplement Strategy Periodised Around Your Training Schedule

Phase 3 – Fight Week Acute Weight Loss Strategy To Help You Reach Your Official Weigh In Weight Safely

Phase 4 – Post Weigh In & Fight Day Nutrition & Hydration Strategy (Rehydrate & Refuel)

This bespoke level of truly personalised & top of the range nutrition support is only recommended for professional fighters competing at an elite level who require in person & regular support to ensure they can perform at their best come fight night. Due to the truly bespoke level of support I provide, I only work with a very select number of fighters who are serious about winning & match my values & work ethic at one time.

If You Are Interested In Bringing Me On Board To Your Close Knit Support Team Then Please Get In Touch.

"Since working with Jack I've made weight the easiest I've ever done in my career & refuelled properly which has helped me perform at my best in the ring. I've learnt so much from him & the physiological testing we have done has helped take my game to the next level."