fight camp nutrition

bespoke nutrition support for PROFESSIONAL fighters

In professional fights there are such small margins between winning & losing, every 1% advantage a fighter can get over their opponent can make a huge difference. Having a bespoke nutrition strategy in place during a training camp & in fight week can help a fighter make weight safely, refuel & rehydrate optimally, stay injury & illness free & give them the extra edge they need to help tip the scales in their favour on fight night.

Following an initial consultation we will implement a four phase model to get you in the best condition possible, allowing you to perform at your best on fight night & reach your full potential.

*Phase 1 – Body Composition & Metabolic Testing To Uncover Your Physiology & Determine Your Optimal Weight Class

Phase 2 – Bespoke Fight Camp Nutrition & Supplement Strategy Periodised Around Your Training Schedule

Phase 3 – Fight Week Acute Weight Loss Strategy To Help You Reach Your Official Weigh In Weight Safely

Phase 4 – Post Weigh In & Fight Day Nutrition Strategy (Rehydrate & Refuel)

This bespoke level of personalised nutrition support is only recommended for professional fighters who are serious about their craft & require regular support to ensure they can perform at their best come fight night. Due to the bespoke level of support I provide, I only work with a small number of fighters who are serious about winning & match my values.

fight camp nutrition

  • Initial In Depth Consultation 
  • Bespoke Fight Camp Nutrition & Supplement Strategy 
  • Daily Habit & Progress Tracking Via My App
  • Weekly Check In’s & WhatsApp Support
  • Access To Meal Planning Tool & Recipe Library
  • Fight Week Weight Reduction Nutrition Strategy
  • Post Weigh In Refuel & Rehydration Strategy
  • Metabolic, Body Composition & Bloods Analysis*

*Additional Services Which Will Be Charged Seperately*

""Since bringing Jack on board I've made weight the easiest I've ever done in my career & I am performing at a high level each time I step foot into the ring. Jack has become a crucial member of my team & I am confident that with his support I can add an extra 5% to my game."
Michael Mckinson


I always love to support my clients on fight night, it’s everything we have been working towards & we are a team. If it’s a local show I will attend with no added fee charged. However if shows are outside of Southampton/Portsmouth I charge a day rate for my time & expenses.

Communication is key when it comes to nutrition & making weight. I like to communicate with my fighters frequently via WhatsApp & catch up a couple of times a month on the phone or in person to assess overall progress & make changes where necessary.

Yes. You will receive a personalised nutrition strategy tailored around your training schedule & food preferences to help you maximise your performance, make weight safely & reduce injury & illness risk. Your strategy will consist of 3 days & will be tweaked every 3-4 weeks depending on your schedule & phase you are in of your camp.

I conduct all of my body composition testing inside Southampton Solent University’s state of the art physiology lab. If you aren’t local you can always pop down for the morning/afternoon to get testing done & we can discuss your results over a coffee!

Yes. You’ll receive a bespoke fight week weight reduction nutrition strategy to help you reach your official weigh in weight safely as well as a post weigh in & fight day nutrition strategy to ensure you refuel & rehydrate optimally to allow you to perform at your best in the ring.

What gets measured gets managed. With my fighters I like to track key metrics via my app over the period of a fight camp including: Resting Heart Rate, Daily Wellness Scores, Sleep Hygiene Scores, Morning Body Weight, Body Fat % etc.