FIGHT CAMP Nutrition

fuel, recover & make weight like a champion

In any fight there are such small margins between winning & losing, every 1% advantage a fighter can get over their opponent can make a huge difference between winning & losing. Having a bespoke nutrition plan in place during a training camp & fight week can help you make weight safely, refuel & rehydrate optimally, stay injury & illness free & give you the extra edge you need to help tip the scales in your favour on fight night.

All fight camp plans are tailored around you as an individual, your food preferences & weight loss targets. 

I’ll take all the stresses of dieting away, allowing you to fully focus on training & competing at your best.

Fight camp nutrition support is delivered through my app & packages start from £40/week.


Initial Consultation & Questionnaires To Get To Know You As An Individual & Assess Food Likes & Dislikes


Fight Camp Nutrition Plan Tailored To Your Weight Loss Targets & Food Preferences


Fight Week Acute Weight Loss Strategy To Help You Make Weight As Safely As Possible Whilst Eating Nutritious Foods You Enjoy


Tailored Post Weigh In Nutrition Strategy To Ensure You Rehydrate & Refuel Optimally Allowing You To Perform At Your Best On Fight Night

I brought Jack on board as part of my team in preparation for my fight against Chris Kongo. It proved to be one of the best decisions I have made in my boxing career. I used to struggle with making weight & it’s got harder as my career as progressed. Since working with Jack I’ve made weight the easiest I have ever done before & I refuelled after the weigh in properly by following a mapped out strategy which helped me to perform at my best in the ring. I have learnt so much from Jack, not only is he an incredibly intelligent guy, he is passionate about what he does & he has become an integral member of team Mckinson.

Mikey "the problem" McKinson

From our first conversation I could automatically tell Jack loves what he does & cares about his fighters. During our first camp together it didn’t feel like cutting weight it just felt like I was improving my performance & getting into great condition at the same time. The main thing for me was refuelling after the weigh in & how pin point our strategy was which made me feel a million dollars on fight night & better than any of my previous fights. I would recommend Jack to any fighter who is serious about improving their performance & raising their hand on fight night.

idris virgo "the bodybreaker"

Professional super-middleweight BOXER

Working with Jack has been a complete game changer to my career. The RMR & body composition testing we did together showed me I was undereating massively & making a weight class that I was just simply too big for. Since then I am fighting at a higher weight class under Jack’s guidance & I feel healthier & stronger in the ring. Jack has really helped me develop my knowledge of nutrition & having him in my team takes any worries away which allows me to concentrate on performing at my best in the ring.

Lucas Ballingall

Professional super lightweight BOXER

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