fight camp nutrition support

maximise your chances of winning on fight night

In professional fights there are such small margins between winning & losing. Having a bespoke nutrition strategy in place can give a fighter the confidence & extra edge they need to tip the scales in their favour. 

This bespoke level of nutrition support is recommended for elite fighters who are competing at a high level & want me to become part of their close knit support team in & out of fight camps.

 I’ll remove all the uneccessary stress & guess work by planning what foods, fluids & supplements you as an individual fighter need to eat & when, to allow you to focus on performing at your best. I’ll also be on hand to manage your fight week weight cut protocol & post weigh in nutrition strategy. This will ensure you make weight safely & rehydrate & refuel optimally to give you the best chance of winning when you step into the ring or cage.

Please see what services I offer fighters below.

fight camp nutrition support

Services Can Include:

  • Pre & Mid Camp Metabolic Testing
  • Body Composition Analysis (DEXA*)
  • Bespoke Fight Camp Meal & Supplement Plan 
  • Acute Weight Cut Strategy 
  • Post Weigh In Refuel & Rehydration Strategy 
  • Regular In Person or Video Consultations
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Support
  • Meal Prep Organisation & Discounts
  • Online Shopping Orders & Organisation
  • Attendance In Fight Week & On Fight Night 
"I don't have the words to describe how good Jack's work is. From planning my fight camp nutrition, to post weigh in nutrition strategies. Jack has helped me reach new levels in my boxing career, I wish I had started working with him years ago.