out of camp nutrition Support

stay fight ready

Gone are the days of fighters just completing 8 week fight camps. Combat sports athletes who are serious about reaching higher levels are in 52 week, year round fight camps.

Out of camp nutrition support is recommended for fighters who are looking to get the most out of their training year round & stay fight ready. Following a nutrition template outside of camp or between fights allows us to build a solid relationship, build periodised nutrition plans & determine how different nutrition protocols such as supplement & weight cut strategies affect you as an individual fighter.

By working together over a prolonged period of time we can focus on improving your nutrition education, building good nutrition habits, maximising your performances & recovery all year round. Whilst we can also manage your body composition effectively, making fight camps & acute weight cuts safer & more productive.

Out of camp nutrition support

You’ll Receive:

  • Food Diary Analysis & Feedback
  • Personalised Follow Up Nutrition Strategy  
  • Bespoke Calorie & Macronutrient Targets 
  • Interactive Fortnightly Coaching Video Calls  
  • Weekly Check Ins & Habit Tracking
  • Daily WhatsApp Support (24 Hour Response Time)
  • Supplement & Weight Cut Guidance
  • Access To Recipe & Resource Hub

* this service has a minimum 8 week commitment