Jack Coak

My Story

I originally trained to be a chef when I was 17 but quickly found I was more interested in the science behind what was on the plate. This led to me completing a bachelors degree in Human Nutrition before moving on to complete a masters degree in applied sports nutrition where I became a fully qualified sports nutritionist with the sport & exercise nutrition register.

I founded Jack Coak Performance Nutrition in 2019 with the intention of providing nutrition support to an array of athletes. However this quickly changed when by chance, I started working with a handful professional boxers where I helped them make weight safely & maximise their performance levels in both training & in the ring.

I started working with a couple of professional boxers in 2019 whilst I was completing my masters degree in sports nutrition. I had little practical experience & was not familiar with the physical & mental demands of boxing despite being a fan of the sport since a young age. I began to throw myself into the research published on nutrition for making weight in combat sports 

I then started to help a few fighters improve their nutrition & make weight safely using a more structured scientific approach. As I started to work with more fighters & spoke to coaches/trainers, I noticed that many fighters still make weight incorrectly & put their health at risk by doing so.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in combat sports. Fighters must fuel their intense training sessions whilst simultaneously decreasing their body mass in order to make weight. I hate witnessing fighters fail to reach their full potential, not getting the results they deserve & putting their health at risk by engaging in poor outdated weight cutting & nutrition practices. 

I have made it my mission is to help as many fighters as I can make weight safely & fuel & recover as optimally as possible to ensure they are victorious on fight night.


Qualifications & accreditations