1-1 nutrition coaching

nutrition coaching for driven & determind combat athletes

If you are a dedicated & ambitious fighter who wants to be successful in your sport, perform at your best day in day out & fulfil your true potential you need to be eating & fuelling your body correctly. My bet is that you have probably engaged in behaviours such as starving & dehydrating yourself before weigh ins, training in sweat suits on a regular basis, restricting foods you like which leads to binge eating episodes & cutting carbohydrates out of your diet. 

Nutrition doesn’t have to be & shouldn’t be this way for combat athletes. This is where my eight-week nutrition coaching programme can help. I’ll utilise the gold standard methods I use with elite level fighters competing at the highest level to help you fuel & recover from your sessions optimally, reach your body composition goals & take your performance to the next level. We’ll uncover what’s not currently working for you, instil high performance eating habits & build a bespoke plan tailored to you to ensure you achieve your goals. I’ll keep you accountable by checking in with you on a weekly basis & provide you with the support & education you need to improve your nutrition to help you become an all round better fighter.

If you are an ambitious combat athlete who is ready to start implementing, willing to learn & passionate about becoming the best fighter they can be then let’s get started.

1-1 nutrition coaching - £125/month

  • Initial Get To Know You Video Consultation Via Zoom
  • Bespoke Calorie & Macronutrient Targets Based On Your Goals
  • Daily Habit Tracking & Access To My Nutrition App SENPRO
  • Example Meal Plan For Training Day & Rest Days
  • Full Access To My Digital Meal Planning Tool
  • Weekly Check Ins & In App Messaging Support (Monday-Friday)
  • Monthly Progress Review Calls
  • Access To > 300 High Performance Recipes & Resources
  • Invite To Join The Combat Performance Nutrition Academy
"Since working with Jack I have lost 4kg of fat mass, retained all of my muscle mass & had high energy levels all the way through my training camp. I have never felt as fit or strong in my whole boxing career."

what should i expect if i join the programme?

Our initial video consultation gives us the opportunity to identify what nutrition approaches have & haven’t worked for you in the past, what your key performance goals are & how we can start implementing strategies & high performance habits straight away to ensure you start progressing towards your goals.

To get the results you want you’ll need a plan which is tailored to you as an individual around your training demands, food likes & dislikes & lifestyle. I’ll provide you with bespoke energy & macronutrient targets as well as example meal plans for training days & rest days which will give you a blueprint to follow. All you have to do is follow the plan & you’ll start making progress immediately. 

Each week you will complete a check in form which will break down each aspect of your nutrition & get you to reflect on your previous week & highlight what you did well & what you can tweak to chase those 1% improvements week after week. I will provide you with an in depth feedback video which will provide you with goals for the next week meaning you always approach each week with a plan of action.

The whole point of hiring a coach is to have someone there to support you when things don’t quite go to plan or circumstances change to help you stay on track towards achieving your goals. You’ll be able to message me via my in app messaging portal Monday to Friday meaning I am always just one click away from helping you.

Most of the fighters I talk to tell me about their boring diet which consists of chicken, spinach & boiled eggs at every meal. On my programme you’ll have access to a database of > 300 mouth watering recipes which are easy to make & enjoyable to eat. All recipes are split into categories such as; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Smoothies & Snacks making it easy for you to choose recipes & implement them into your nutrition strategy.

Another benefit of joining my coaching programme is that you’ll have full access to my easy to use meal planning tool via my nutrition app SENPRO. You’ll be able plan your week of eating, drag & drop recipes into your planner & hit your daily targets at the touch of a button, making straying off track almost impossible.

At the end of each month we will have a call to review your progress & tweak your action plan to ensure we are always moving the needle in the right direction & you are on track towards achieving your goals – the power of teamwork!

You’ll become part of The Combat Performance Nutrition Academy, an exclusive online community of combat athletes who are part of my coaching programme. You’ll have access to new recipes, guest talks & webinars on all things combat sports nutrition to ensure you have all the tools & education you need to take your performance to the next level.