1-1 nutrition coaching

1-1 nutrition coaching for ambitious combat sport athletes

If you are a dedicated & ambitious fighter who wants to be successful in your sport, fulfil your true potential & perform at your best day in day out, you need to be eating correctly.

This is where 1-1 nutrition coaching comes in. There is no better diet than one personalised to you as an individual & one which works for you. I will utilise my high level of nutrition education & the tried & tested methods I use with world class elite level fighters competing at the top of their game to help you fuel your body correctly, recover from training sessions optimally, make weight safely, achieve your body composition goals & take your sports performance to the next level. 

We will have an initial consultation to uncover where you are now & where you want to get to & what’s stopping you from getting there. You’ll then receive a personalised nutrition strategy tailored to your food preferences, lifestyle & training requirements which will act as your roadmap to follow. You’ll also have me there to support you & hold you accountable all the way throughout your journey, we will work as a team to help you achieve your goals & fulfil you full potential.

I will help take all the stress away by planning what foods you need to eat & when & educate you by explaining the why behind recommendations I make to help you push your performance to the next level & develop into an all round elite fighter.

If you want to start taking your performance to the next level, all you need to do is hit the pink button below & book a call with me.

I used to engage in weight making methods which included starving & dehydrating myself during a training camp. Jack has shown me how to make weight safely without sacrificing my health or performance levels. In my last camp I lost 4kg of fat & retained all my muscle mass. I have never felt as fit or strong in my whole boxing career.


Professional welterweight BOXER

What's included on the programme?

At the start of the programme we will have a video call via zoom to determine where you currently are & where you want to get to. We will set measurable goals to give us targets to hit & identify any potential barriers we may face to help us build a bulletproof & sustainable nutrition strategy. 

Before I provide you with your own personalised nutrition strategy, I need to get a good idea of what you are currently doing. Dietary analysis of a food diary will show me which foods you like eating, you’re eating patterns & help identify any red flags in your diet which need correcting.

Everyone needs a blueprint to follow or a direction to move in. I will plan what you need to eat & when on training, rest & weekend days & give you habits to tick off on a daily basis. Your plan will be personalised to you, your food preferences, training schedule & goals. Think of your nutrition strategy as your sat nav, it will help guide you towards your end destination!

You’ll have full access to my nutrition app which is how I deliver my 1-1 coaching service. You will  be able to view your plan, tick off your habits, log your progress metrics, complete weekly check ins & get your hands on 100’s of  recipes & educational resources to help you on your journey.

You won’t eat the same foods forever, that is not the point of nutrition coaching, you need to take some responsibility for your nutrition if you want to become fully self sufficient in the future. But if you’re circumstances do change or perhaps you have a competition coming up, we can tweak your nutrition plan to accommodate for this. All you need to do is drop me a message or during one of our calls & we can make changes to help you perform at your best.

Meal planning is just one tool in our toolbox, communication also plays a key part in any nutrition strategy. With this in mind we will have a video call via zoom each fortnight to discuss your action plan, review your progress, upgrade your education & troubleshoot any issues you may have.

To ensure you stay fully accountable to me & your goals, you will be asked to fill out a weekly check in form each week to reflect on your week. Whilst you will also be able to drop me a message anytime through my nutrition app where I will reply within 24 hours if you need some quick fire support.

Don’t worry I won’t get you to eat chicken & rice out of a tupperware box for 6 months, there is no bro science going on inside my coaching programme. Instead you’ll have access to over 100 mouth watering, easy to prepare recipes, which you will actually look forward to eating!

I place a huge emphasis on education on my coaching programme. You’ll be educated on what supplements actually work, how to check a supplement is safe to take, how to cut weight safely & more. You’ll also have full access to a library of educational resources to help you continuously bolster your combat sports nutrition education.